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Health-Tech Visual Design

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Health Tech Visual Design

HCDE Master’s Project, Designing a Visual System: Web, Mobile & Print


Design Challenge

The design challenge for this project was to create a cohesive visual system for an imaginary lecture series.  I chose my own lecture series theme, researched speakers and lecture topics, then designed the following accompanying visuals: mobile site, website, print poster.


  • Individual project through HCDE M.S. program at UW

  • Design, content strategy



Content Curation

The intersection of health and tech is a huge interest of mine, so I chose this as the topic of my imaginary lecture series. I researched a breadth of health-tech related topics, wanting to showcase a range of issues that have a micro to macro level impact on humans and society.  Here are the lecture topics and descriptions I created:

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After curating the above lecture topics, I researched subject matter experts that (in an imaginary, perfect world), could be recruited as speakers:

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Mood Boards

After the content curation phase, I began the visual design process with mood boards in order to explore themes in imagery, color and typography.

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Final Assets

My final visual system includes a web design, mobile design and poster.  I use a photo of splitting cancer cells as the focal point, which adds depth and dimension to the composition.  I chose a tetradic color scheme, which de-saturates the intensity of the cancer cell hues.  The secondary imagery used has similar white and blue warm hues, along with consistent saturation/brightness.  The Avenir family is used for the typography hierarchy -- a contemporary sans serif that fits the scientific-tech theme of the lecture series. 


Web Design


Mobile Design

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Print Design