Museum of Flight Poster Design


This poster design was an independent project I worked on in a Visual Communication class at the University of Washington.  The design challenge was to use typography and image together to create a poster for a lecture on space exploration for the Museum of Flight.



Mood Board

In order to explore different aesthetic and emotive themes, I created a mood board using photos from the Project Appollo Flickr archive.  The main themes I gravitated toward (yep, bad pun) were:

  1. Whimsical / warm / wonder  
  2. Technical / inorganic  
  3. Texture
mood board - assgnt 5.png

First Iteration


Final Poster

I ended up choosing a complimentary color scheme, focusing on a combination of texture and technical visual components to create a sense of contrast and wonder.

Final Poster_LeaLH -2.jpg
Lea Lonnberg-Hickling